Everyone of the family name Wettach or Wettack (a name variant in some parts of the US) is related. So why not link up to some other Wettach/Wettack family members

  • On FaceBook there is group “All Wettachs are related”
    Starting with Adrian Wettach, the only one of our family to make it into all the encyclopedias (partly under G like Grock) or with F. S. Wettach, who made the US treaty with the Cherokee indians... all the Wettachs are related (and Wettack is just a variation) and all are invited to join and participate here.

    Friends and family and fans of a Wettach are invited as well.
  • In Deutscher Sprache: Wettach in SchuelerVZ und StudiVZ:
    Für alle Wettachs und Wettacks (was nur eine Schreibvariante in Teilen der USA ist) gibt es auch Vernetzungsmöglichkeiten bei SchuelerVZ und StudiVZ. Hier sind die Anklickmöglichkeiten:

    A) SchülerVZ
    B) StudiVZ

    Neue Mitglieder bei beiden Gruppen durchaus willkommen


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